Local June 25, 2013 | 8:14 am

Dominican Presidency mum on “garage university” row

Santo Domingo.- Santo Domingo mayor Roberto Salcedo noted on Monday that the National District City Council (ADN) is the city government, for which it won’t allow the government agency OISOE to violate the law by building a pedestrian bridge on the seaside avenue El Malecon, in front of Unicaribe University.

He reiterated that neither the City Council nor the Urban Planning Dept. have issued the construction permit for the work, because in his view the structure violates a public space.

Quoted by hoy.com.do, Salcedo said the Constitution stipulates that the ADN is the city government, and aims to clear up any confusion with the OISOE.

In that regard, City Council general secretary Andres Navarro said the OISOE defies the law by pushing ahead with the bridge. "For us OISOE’s action is inconceivable, they are determined to trample something elemental in terms of jurisdiction."

He called on the agency to "halt the aggressive violation of municipal powers."

Navarro also questioned the OISOE, headed by Miguel Pimentel Careh, to act as president Danilo Medina’s spokesman by stating that the chief executive had agreed to the request for the bridge by Unicaribe, dubbed a “garage university” on its unplanned growth in a residential area.

He said the ADN contacted the Presidency and no one was aware of the case. "It’s sad and shameful and sad that an official of that stature would speak for the Presidency in a case that’s an attack on the local governments’ autonomy."

He said the City Council will continue to fight the attack on municipal laws in court and protect the capital’s environment, despite the fact that the OISOE has troops guarding the construction.

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