Local June 26, 2013 | 4:02 pm

Colonial Zone row also pits the City Council, government

Santo Domingo. – Project developers, store owners, hotels and restaurants in the Colonial Zone on Wednesday complained that numerous hurdles and unjustified red tape from the National District City Council (ADN) and the Monument Heritage Agency jeopardize their investments.

The case uncovers yet another clash between the State Works Supervising Engineers Office (OISOE) and the ADN, the first over the pedestrian bridge next to Unicaribe University.

They said despite having all required permits, regulators with armed military hinder constructions in progress and the remodeling of buildings, without written justification or legal basis.

Ovando City Association president Louis Brocker noted a lack of transparency in the allocation of parking, citing the case of the OISOE, regarding parking area at Plaza España by the company Nucleo de Ingenieros.

In a press conference held in the Museo Consistorial, the organization Castilla Colonial also complains that the military and Municipal Police have repeatedly halt the pouring of concrete despite having the approved by the City Council, which has led to severe losses.

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