Local June 29, 2013 | 9:21 am

Priest defies Dominican Cardinal in gay U.S. ambassador row

Santo Domingo.- Catholic priest Jesús María Tejada on Friday said the gay U.S. ambassador-nominee to Dominican Republic James “Wally” Brewster shouldn’t be discriminated against because of his preference, noting that that type of prejudice needs to be surmounted.

The prelate, who’s an advisor to the patriotic values commission, said the Catholic Church doesn’t accept homosexuals as seminarians, because in his view, can become pedophiles and other sexual deviations.

He rebuked the alleged sexual violations by the Polish priest Wojciech (Alberto) Gil in Juncalito, Jánico (north-central), a conduct he affirms the church should’ve noticed while he was a seminarian to avert his reaching the priesthood.

The San Juan Bosco Parrish said gays shouldn’t be discriminated against, noting that human being should be allowed to be as they are, if their actions don’t affect others.

The prelate’s statements defy the rebuke by Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, who on Thursday went as far as calling Brewster a “fa..ot.”

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