Local July 2, 2013 | 7:33 am

Dominican senator named in Peru campaign finance probe

Santo Domingo.- The former secretary general of Peru’s ruling party Peru Posible was ordered to appear before Congress to testify on the financing of the last presidential campaign, in which Dominican Republic senator Felix Bautista figures a major donor, Peru outlet expreso.pe reports Monday.

The subpoena against Javier Reátegui comes after a report in the "Panorama" TV program detailing Bautista’s contributions, and faces money laundering charges stemming from the campaign of former president and leader of Peru Posible, Alejandro Toledo, in the 2011 elections.

Peru’s Congressional Audit Commission chair Gustavo Rondon stressed that electoral rules stipulate that political parties are obliged to disclose campaign financing sources. "When money isn’t declared, it should be investigated."

Reátegui’s was ordered to appear on his role in the Andean Parliament, which served as Peru Posible’s finance manager during Toledo’s re-election bid.

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