Local July 5, 2013 | 8:26 am

1,000 prostitutes spook Sosua’s tourism

Sosua, Dominican Republic.- People in Sosua complain of rampant prostitution that scares families to stay away from the Atlantic Coast’s top tourism destination.

Representatives from community organizations, neighborhood councils and town authorities quoted by elcaribe.com.do estimate that at least a1,000 women exercise prostitution, though only one percent are natives of Puerto Plata province, according to their statements.

Sosua mayor Ileana Newman acknowledges prostitution’s alarming jump in recent years, noting that those women have taken over its main street, Pedro Clisante, to offer their craft round the clock.

"Tour operators have told us they can’t bring tourists, because we’re overwhelmed in prostitution and that’s causing a serious problem for those of us who’re committed to more family tourism," Newman said, adding that, many women avoid Clisante St. to not be mistaken for a hooker.

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