Local July 5, 2013 | 8:01 am

Dangerous trend, gunmen target police, military to steal weapons

Santo Domingo.- The Recent deadly attacks whose victims were military and police agents point toward a dangerous trend where the criminals appear to be targeting them to take their weapons and continue their spree of assaults, in the heels of questions as to courts’ ability to punish perpetrators.

Five attacks on police and military officers since last Sunday have claimed the lives of two, one gunned down and the other stabbed to death.

The last two attacks, on police lieutenants, one in the capital a who survived, and another in San Pedro, who died.

On Wednesday, Army lieutenant Suleica Ponciano, who was killed, was a member of the security detail of a daughter of president Danilo Medina.

A police lieutenant was attacked by two criminals Yesterday who tried to take his weapon and a motorcycle, but managed to repel them and killed one and wounded the other.

The arrest of suspects in Ponciano’s murder announced yesterday, as well as those in the murder of Air Force lieutenant Manuel de Jesús Sosa, shot dead by two men Sunday, in the presence of his two daughters.

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