Local July 5, 2013 | 7:28 am

Senators stoke latest Dominican government scandal

Santo Domingo.- Senate president Reinaldo Pared on Thursday said the special committee named to investigate senator Felix Bautista’s assets will be impartial, and affirmed that at least three of the seven lawmakers aren’t known as collaborators of San Juan de la Maguana’s representative.

Pared’s statement comes in the wake of skepticism by many sectors that said Commission could conduct an unfettered probe.

In that regard, Dajabón senator Sonia Mateo, a member of the Commission, railed against the journalists and other sectors that have challenged Bautista’s affirmation that his wealth is legitimate, calling it a “smear” campaign.

"They’re frustrated because they haven’t achieved their life goals. Those people who haven’t found someone to put them in their place."

The committee was formed at Bautista’s request, and rejected "accusations" by the local media and Peru, where the Dominican senator allegedly donated more than five millions dollars to the campaign of former president Alejandro Toledo.

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