Local July 8, 2013 | 11:38 am

Better 50 thugs dead than one police killed: Military chief

Santo Domingo.- It’s better 50 thugs killed than one soldier or police, said Armed Forces minister Sigfrido Pared, who warned that the military branches will respond "to these social waste with the same force as they."

Pared said the armed forces and the police’s challenge is to bring calm to society’s bosom, "but we can’t be considerate of criminals," calling them "social waste" because they are the ones killing soldiers and police."An attack on one soldier is an attack on the armed forces and society itself, criminals have no regard for citizens."

Nonetheless the official clarified that human rights are sacred for the Armed Forces, which aims to persecute those who violate citizens’ rights, for which they’ll respond as forcefully as the criminals who killed two military officers and wounded a police agent. "We’re not violating human rights, but the soldiers are in the streets to bring calm to the Safety Plan, and act with authority when circumstances warrant."

The head of the military, interviewed by Napoléon Cruz on the channel 23, said though criminals defy and disrespect the authorities, the massive presence of soldiers helping police in the streets has cut crimes 50 percent, but admitted concern with those killed in the last few weeks.

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