Local July 15, 2013 | 12:02 pm

Denounce husband’s abuse, TV mogul’s estranged wife tells journalist

Santo Domingo.- The former Miss Ohio and estranged wife of TV mogul Frank Jorge Elías, recently denounced the abuse she affirms having suffered from her husband, and advised a journalist who’s going through the same situation.

Sandra Kurdas told Yudelki Guerrero to consult professionals since they need to undergo psychological therapy "to understand these things."

"Don’t let them make you feel bad for having denounced the violence. Silence is your worst enemy," Kurdas said on Twitter.

In that regard Guerrero responded by affirming that she will in fact, seek psychological help. "Only those living through this situation know what’s happening."

On Saturday the National District Office of the Prosecutor requested that Ramon Quiterio Cordero be remanded for allegedly assaulting Guerrero, who said her husband had beaten her on July 6.

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