Local July 16, 2013 | 8:14 am

National Police: No more naming suspects until sure

Santo Domingo. – The current National Police administration has discontinued the practice of naming as suspects people who’ve nothing to do with crimes, Police spokesman Jacobo Mateo affirmed Monday.

He said Police chief Manuel Castro will not tolerate such behavior, which had even been adopted by previous police administrations. “The mechanism applies whenever the police faced pressure with high levels of crime with important social implications.”

The official said in those cases the police often reported that X number of people had been taking into custody, but in an effort to prove that the "investigation advances" or "it’s at a good pace," were drawn into the habit of citing the names and addresses of people who were later found tht they had nothing to do with the case investigated.

“And as the police failed to clear them, then these people weren’t being sought, but public opinion continued to think they were still involved. This caused them moral damage which the law enforcement agency didn’t properly repair."

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