Local July 18, 2013 | 7:57 am

Citizens must force the Police to change, chief warns

Santo Domingo.- National Police chief Manuel Castro warned Wednesday that its internal reform won’t be possible if the agents don’t change the way they act and thin. "The Police reform and transformation requires that citizens force police to change the philosophical thought of each."

He stressed that although public safety has become a priority for Dominicans, prejudices must be surmounted in the effort to eliminate law enforcement’s weaknesses.

Castro said society should leave behind the expression, "this won’t be changed by anyone," if it wants a culture of internal change in the Police and urged a committed to transform it, affirming that the new leadership aims to achieve that goal.

Interviewed by the Corripio Communications Group together with several senior officers, Castro said the many agents involved in wrongdoing are proof of the Police’s great weakness.

"These weaknesses force the Police into a complete overhaul," he said, adding that his administration has "no friends and no enemies."

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