Local July 18, 2013 | 2:50 pm

‘Incomparable hypocrite,’ Ethics chief calls former president

Santo Domingo.- The head of the Governments Ethics Commission on Thursday said he’s not surprised that former president Hipolito Mejia accused president Danilo Medina of interfering in the internal affairs of the opposition PRD party.

Marino Vinicio Castillo (Vincho) called Mejia a hypocrite who’s willing to affect public order.

"What Hipolito Mejia says doesn’t surprise me. Hipolito Mejía is an incomparable hypocrite. Everything he says is exactly the opposite of what he may think, when he does think, for him it’s kind of hard to think," Castillo said regarding the former president’s statements earlier this week on the journalist Huchi Lora’s radio program to.

"In March he (Mejia) said in El Seibo that Danilo Medina had to be taken out of the Palace, but then praised him and was walking around with him. Now that he lost, because the electoral court ruled against him leaving him out of the PRD, he now wants to blame, no longer Leonel (Fernandez), which is his preferred tormentor, but now wants to blame Danilo and calls him corrupt," the official said.

"That’s what this is about, that man has an unfortunate head, but has dangerous impulses that can affect national peace at any given time," the also head of the minority pro-government FNP party told reporters during a seminar on regional budgets held in the Hotel Magna.

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