Local July 22, 2013 | 7:47 am

Dominican Republic industries want to take Haiti to court

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s business leaders propose charging Haiti at the World Trade Organization and other international bodies for imposing non-tariff barriers to local exports, in the heels of Port-au-Prince’s months-long ban on the imports of eggs, chickens, and plastic products as of last week.

Haiti’s Private Sector Economic Forum approved the restrictions against Dominican products Last week, and also asked their government to bolster controls at the border.

Haiti’s measures prompted the Herrera and Santo Domingo province Industries Association to ask the newly inducted Trade Protection Commission be on the alert for any investigation initiated by Haiti on Dominican Republic’s alleged dumping.

"We hope this entity, as it has done on other occasions, assume the defense of national production, despite that Haiti relies on unproven allegations, an exercise that we consider very unfortunate," said Association president Victor Castro.

He said the Government should be energetic and defend the country before the WTO and the Trade Agreement with the European Union (EPA), of which Dominican Republic and Haiti are full members.

Castro acknowledged that the Dominican government has made every effort to resolve the trade dispute from the bilateral perspective, but noted that Haiti’s lack of response will force the country to go to world trade bodies. "We’re seeing a disturbing trend: non-tariff barriers meats, poultry, eggs, and now to polyethylene bags and packaging. With what other surprises will Haiti come up with tomorrow?”

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