Local July 26, 2013 | 7:59 am

On Medina’s complaint on criminals, Chief Justice orders “study”

Santo Domingo.- Supreme Court chief justice Mariano German on Thursday said he’ll meet with judges and coordinate a discussion with prosecutors and the police to take measures in response to president Danilo Medina’s complaint Wednesday that criminals get out of jail too easily.

The meeting will be held in San Juan de la Maguana (west) and involve all officials in the Judiciary.

German, referring to Medina’s complaint, said however, that the failure isn’t only in justice, because in addition to the judges, prosecutors, the Police among others form part of the system.

He added that he ordered a study on Public Policy, to detect failures that impact the Judiciary. "In response to these statements I ordered a study on Public Policy to detect the failure within that complexity that is called justice, because people traditionally think that justice is only the judges.”

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