Local July 27, 2013 | 7:36 am

VIVA DR launches online top up service

Miami.– Online top up, otherwise known as mobile recharge, allows a customer to send mobile airtime credit to another person’s prepaid mobile number, often crossing country borders. Done for a variety of reasons these international top ups share resources across families separated by distance and resources.

Through ezetop’s vast web of distribution channels around the world, the addition of the VIVA DR website offering ensures the over 2 million VIVA subscribers can easily and safely add airtime credit to loved ones’ mobiles from anywhere, at any time.

The simple process of this online top begins at the VIVA DR website. The customer then registers and enters the recipient’s information to complete the transaction. The secure transaction is applied directly to the VIVA customers’ account in a matter of seconds.

As the global leader in international top up, ezetop can assure VIVA customers of safety, security, and value during their transaction from anywhere around the world.

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