Local August 1, 2013 | 9:33 am

Opposition party replaces senior leaders

Santo Domingo.- The faction of Dominican Republic’s opposition party (PRD) headed by Miguel Vargas on Thursday chose the widow of its late leader, Jose Francisco Peña Gómez as acting president, replacing Andres Bautista, in a controversial meeting of the National Executive Committee (CEN), its highest echelon.

The CEN selected Peggy Cabral for the key post, who has held various positions in the PRD, and was also the deputy mayor of the National District.

The CEN also selected Anibal Garcia as secretary of organization, replacing Geanilda Vasquez, a staunch supporter of former president Hipolito Mejia, who heads the rival faction within the PRD.

Vargas’ faction also selected the mayor of the sprawling subdivision of Los Alcarrizos, Junior Santos, as the new general secretary of the PRD, replacing Orlando Jorge.

The CEN approved the staging of the PRD National Convention for January 14 next year, to choose the candidates for the 2016 elections.

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