Local August 6, 2013 | 8:16 am

National Palace site of 40 antigovernment protests in 12 months

Santo Domingo. – The National Palace became the stage of choice for protests just days after the government headed by president Danilo Medina, which continue to date, and totaled at least 40 demonstrations with just 10 days away to mark his first year ??.

Among the wide range of demands figure a wage hike, pensions, employment, social inclusion in government plans, housing, relocation and even revoking measures such as the attempt to recognize property rights to those who had obtained fraudulent titles for land at Bahia de las Aguilas, cancel the Barrick Gold mining contract, reject mining Loma Miranda, to prosecute former officials identified as "corrupt" and the firing of others.

Polled by elcaribe.com.do, sociologists say that amont the expressions of discontent with various situations figure the "seed" of dissatisfaction left by former president Leonel Fernandez, the debt transferred to Medina’s administration, second, the country’s lack of "functional partners" and the more ??freedom to manifest.

They also note Dominican Republic’s prevalent presidential culture: "The Chief resolves," the accumulation of the people’s needs, and Medina’s style of openness and closeness in governing.


The first major protests against the government stemmed from the approval and enactment of the Tax Reform Package, called the “big packet."

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