Local August 7, 2013 | 1:15 pm

U.S. Marshals hunt 10 Dominican fugitives

New York.- Ten Dominicans figure on list of the most wanted criminals, sought as fugitives by the U.S. Marshals Service which has liaisons in the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean and Latin American countries.

According to the federal agency’s bulletins, prosecution, the Dominicans are wanted on felony charges ranging from drug trafficking to the use of fraudulent federal documents such as American passports and other papers.

On the list of the agency that forms part of the Office of the Attorney Genera, and specializes in locating and capturing dangerous fugitives, figure CARLOS GUERRERO HERRERO, ROBERTO SUAREZ aliases Roberto Antonio Suárez, Roberto Núñez López and Miguel López, ESTEBAN RODRIGUEZ REYES and WINSTON RIZIK RODRIGUEZ.

Also LENIN RAFAEL VALENTIN,RAMON ORLANDO CARRASQUILLO, aliases Luis García, Emilio and John Minaya, ALBERT ADAMES alias Albert Badía, DANIEL PEREZ SANTOS, CESAR CAMPOS alias Carlos Campos, and GERARDO JIMENEZ alias Gerinaldo Gutiérrez

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