Local August 9, 2013 | 12:41 pm

Horses rescued, some die at bankrupt race track

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry’s Animal Protection Unit on Thursday rescued several horses which were in deplorable conditions of thirst and hunger, surviving as long as two weeks without food or water, at the bankrupt V Centenario, Dominican Republic’s only horse racing track.

Unit director Marilyn Liranzo said despite that some of the horses’ owners take care of their animals, the overall situation is so poor that at least five horses and two foals have already died. "Everything in there is horrible, ugly and dirty, the pens were full of excrement."

The official said the Animal Protection Law stipulates that the owners “are obliged to feed, water and care for the animal’s health and living conditions."

Liranzo, quoted by elcaribe.com.do, added that those who violate the law face from three to six months in jail and fines as high as 10 minimum wages.

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