Local August 14, 2013 | 11:23 am

Not even half as many Haitians as Dominicans thought: Census

Santo Domingo.- A second census in as many weeks has debunked popular belief which place the number of Haitians in the country at “more than one million,” but still, a major university on Wednesday said it counted 458,233 nationals from that nation.

The Pontifical Catholic Universidad (PCMM) placed the country’s immigrant population at around 524,000, of which 87.3% (458,233) are Haitian nationals.

In addition to the Haitians, 13,514 immigrants are from the U.S.; 6,720 from Spain; 4,416 from Puerto Rico and 4,040 from Italy. Also tallied were 3,643 Chinese, 3,599 French, 3,434 Venezuelans, 3,145 Cubans, 2,738 Colombians and 1,792 Germans.

The figures disclosed Wednesday morning are from the first National Immigrants Population Survey in Dominican Republic conducted by the PUCMM’s Center for Caribbean Studies, in coordination with the National Statistics Office (NSO) and the UN Population Fund.

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