Local August 19, 2013 | 7:36 am

Poll: 87.6% of Dominicans says the president does a good job

Santo Domingo.- A Cibao Economic Center of (CEC) survey found that 87.6% of Dominicans say president Danilo Medina’s job performance is excellent or good during his first year in office, with 10.2% called it mistaken or bad and 2.2% didn’t want to respond.

As to the country’s three most pressing problems, 29.4 said it was public safety, 22.1% said the high cost of living and 17.6% feel it’s unemployment.

As to the other problems, 10% said corruption, 6% said blackouts, 5.3% drug use and trafficking, 2.4% the lack of schools, teachers and desks, while 1.4% said it’s the lack of doctors and hospitals.

The survey, which polled 1,400 adults across the country, from August 3 to 5, found that 51.4% said Dominican Republic is currently on track, while 44.7% feel that the country is on the wrong path, to 3.9% didn’t want to answer. The CEC didn’t specify the margin of error.

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