Local August 21, 2013 | 12:58 pm

Negligence cited in case Dominican taxpayers lost US$50M

Santo Domingo. – A Miami, Florida court on Wednesday upheld the breach of contract conviction against the Dominican State, which will have to pay US$50.0 million to the companies and Arquitectura Siglo 21 and Sun Land.

The ruling by judge Michael Moore comes after Dominican Republic appealed a lower court’s decision for the plaintiffs handed down in June.

The law firm Holland & Knight represented Dominican Republic, and the canals and dams agency, INDRHI.

A source quoted by TV network NCDN said the Dominican consulate in Miami didn’t respond properly despite being notified of the proceeding, but noted that the country can file another appeal.

The plaintiffs claim that the INDRHI violated a contract to build an irrigation system in Azua province (south), alleging that it led to losses in the millions of dollars.

The ruling provides for US$21.5 million in damages for Siglo 21and US$28.5 million for Sun Land.

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