Local August 22, 2013 | 10:14 am

Country’s first “green town” rises out of swelled lake’s depths

Jimani, Dominican Republic.- The Presidency’s Administrative Minister on Wednesday traveled to Boca de Cachon, Independencia Province (west), where he inspected the construction of a housing complex for around 3,000 families uprooted by Lake Enriquillo’s unexplained encroachment.

Jose Ramon Peralta heard the heads of the various agencies explain the status in the construction of structures and housing project comprised of 537 unites, a school, daycare center, a polytechnic, market, shopping center, primary care clinic, cemetery, senior care facility, sewage treatment plant and an integrated system for residents to grow vegetables and crops right next to their homes.

Called Dominican Republic’s first “green town,” Nueva Boca de Cachon will also have an orchard with varieties of fruit trees and a bypass avenue with all the features found in modern cities.

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