Local August 27, 2013 | 7:56 am

Cleopatra search affected by Egypt crisis

Santo Domingo.- The ongoing crisis in Egypt could affect Dominicanarcheologist Kathleen Martínez’s search for Cleopatra and her lover, the Romangeneral Mark Anthony.

Martínez said that all government offices in Egypt are practicallyclosed, and she is waiting for a renewal of her permit to continue excavationwork.

“At present there is no quorum for the Permanent Supreme Council of Antiquitiesto meet; it is made up of about 100 university professors and right now theyhave other priorities, like how to prevent museums from being looted”, shesaid.

Nonetheless, she is hopeful to be able to renew her search, due to startin mid October or November, continuing until April or May. Martínez said shewas not too worried yet because the excavation work is scheduled for October.

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