Local August 28, 2013 | 9:33 am

‘Bigger fish should have fallen’ – anti-drug senator

Santo Domingo.- Senator WiltonGuerrero said yesterday that there are still some “big fish” including generalslinked to drug-trafficking who have not fallen into the hands of the Justicesystem, and blamed the rise in this crime that he said “has not touched bottom”on this belief that for a long time the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) was managed like an international drug cartel.

When he was asked if more drug traffickers would be exposed after the latestrevelations by Puerto Rican drug baron José David Figueroa Agosto, who operatedhere, was arrested and is in prison in the United States, the legislator said: “Biggerfish should have fallen here. I have always said: because of the samecomplicities that occur within the institutions, the complicities between theinvestigators, we have not yet touched bottom in terms of establishingresponsibility”.

“There are objective reasons forbig fish to fall and so far I have not seen any general who has fallen inrelation to drugs. However, there are many generals who have been linked”,stated the senator for Peravia province. He stressed that there are reasons, if investigations were intensified and responsibility established, for “moreprominent figures” than those who have been arrested to date to fall.

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