Local August 28, 2013 | 8:55 am

Diverted funds ‘could create another Dominican Republic’

SantoDomingo.- The president of the Chamber of Accounts, Licelott Marte de Barrios,has stated that the funds that are diverted by public administration entitiescould create another Dominican Republic.

Shewas speaking during a meeting with the Executive Committee of the DominicanMunicipal League (LMD), which is making efforts for mayors to get theirbudgetary executions up to date for sending to the Chamber of Accounts and otherfinancial entities. “With the resources that are diverted through the differentState entities two Dominican Republics could be made,” stated Marte de Barrios.She praised the work being done by LMD general secretary Johnny Jones, towards making the workings of the municipalities more transparent.

“Nobodywants the regulation of the Chamber of Accounts, because there is no culture ofaccountability in this country, as in many others,” she stated.

Jonesinformed that he is in permanent contact with the Federation of Municipalities,the Municipal Districts Association and the Councillors’ Association, creatingeffective channels for structures that enable accountability.

“Wemust realize that when there is transparency in accountability the country willprogress and in that way we will create a better nation, with stronginstitutions that make it impossible for criminal acts to occur,” stated Jones.

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