Local August 28, 2013 | 6:32 am

Police announce dismissals

SantoDomingo.- The National Police announced yesterday the dismissal of 68high-ranking officers and subalterns, and rank and file members for negligencein the line of duty, involvement in criminal acts and indiscipline. The dismissalsinclude 13 officers involved in the controversial raid in La Mulata IIIresidential area of Sosua, in Puerto Plata province, in which a German citizenwas shot dead.

The Executive Branch ordered the dismissals following the recommendations of the Higher Police Council.

Threecolonels, one lieutenant colonel, one major, 11 captains, 34 first and secondlieutenants, 11 sergeant majors and sergeants, two corporals and five privatesare on the list of dismissed agents.

Theyare colonels Raymundo de la Rosa Ogando and Roberto Salcedo Santos, first lieutenants Juan María Toribio Castillo, Francis Sánchez Fernández, JuanMaría Toribio Castillo and Nilson Peña Encarnación, and secondlieutenant Félix Silverio.

Meanwhile,two colonels were removed from the police ranks after sexual abuse accusations. MiguelÁngel Méndez Moquete is accused of sexually abusing his underage daughter and HamletManuel Regalado is accused of raping a minor.

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