Local August 29, 2013 | 9:39 am

Constanza priest accused of sexual abuse

Santo Domingo.- Community organizations held a pressconference in Constanza yesterday to denounce sexual abuse allegedly committedby a local parish priest, Father Juan Manuel de Jesús Mota.

The groups made thecomplaint via the Cibao Women’s Coordination Group and called on the La Vegaprosecution office to open an investigation into the case: despite being informed of the allegations two weeks ago the authorities have not yet taken any action.

A priest identified as Juan Manuel de Mota (Padre Johnny)who has served the church in Constanza for 15 years, is accused of sexuallyabusing several young girls, some of them members of the parish choir.

The case was sent to the Women’s Prosecutor RoxannaReyes, so that the victims could be assured that an investigation will goahead.

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