Local August 29, 2013 | 6:18 am

Passengers stranded at AILA

SantoDomingo.- The Airport Department will intercede on behalf of the passengers whohave been stranded for several days at Las Américas International Airport(AILA) as a result of Dutch Antilles Express’ (DAE) failure to transport themafter the Curacao-based airline apparently went out of business. The DominicanCivil Aviation Authority says it has not received any formal notification ofthe airline’s collapse.

The airportauthorities say that regional manager Francisco Almonte and AILA station chief JuanAlmonte, representing Dutch Antilles Express, have committed to coveringthe costs of the airline tickets in order to transport the stranded passengersto their destinations as soon as possible.

DAE hasalso committed to publishing a communiqué in a local newspaper explaining theairline’s situation and meeting its responsibilities to the stranded passengerswho are due compensation for their ordeal, which began last Saturday.

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