Local August 30, 2013 | 6:29 am

EdeSur makes pact with Neyba community

Santo Domingo.- Followinga spate of protests in the southwestern town of Neyba, electricity distributioncompany EDE Sur Dominicana has reached an agreement with local communityorganizations, pledging to improve the service and increase the number of hoursof electricity supply, while reducing losses and increasing bill payments inthe area.

The agreement came aspart of a plan by the company to find a solution to the demands made by thelocal residents, in consensus with community representatives and theauthorities in each locality where EdeSur operates, which is 16 hours of electricityin two 8-hour periods, technical conditions and the system permitting.

The communityassociation, which includes youth organizations and religious leaders, committed to working with the company to increasebill payment and reduce energy wastage.

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