Local September 3, 2013 | 8:40 am

Judge in former Miss Ohio-TV mogul case accused of violating due process

Santo Domingo. – Former Miss Ohio Sandra Kurdas on Monday filed a complaint against judge Yissel Soto, for allowing her estranged husband and TV mogul Frank Jorge Elías to leave the country in the midst of a criminal trial on battery charges.

In court documents submitted to the Judicial Council, Kurdas claims that the judge violated due process in the course of the case, for which in her view should be investigated, subjected to disciplinary trial and dismissed.

She also argues that the judge’s decision let the accused to leave the country "was based on claims that the parties hadn’t responded to a court order, which is a lie."

Her lawyers say the fact that the judge handed down the ruling just 12 minutes after Kurdas filed a challenge to Jorge’s bail request, is also evidence that Soto violated due process I the domestic violence case.

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