Local September 4, 2013 | 3:03 pm

March to US Embassy protests ‘botched’ DNA test

Santo Domingo.- Dozens of people marched Wednesday from the Malecon to the U.S. Embassy at Cesar Nicolas Penson and Maximo Gomez avenues, to deliver a document asking the U.S. consul Bill Weissman to admit responsibility for the allegedly botched DNA test on Ashley Alexis Familia, daughter of Miguel Familia.

“Embassy, we want justice for false DNA" and "Put yourself in my place, Obama," chanted the protesters headed by Familia and his daughter.

Familia affirmed the consul said he "will not attend the court because it has contact with the Dominican authorities." Also requests that Obama intervene in the process and that the U.S. State receives them.

He said the U.S. consulate denied his daughter’s residency in December 2005 after having conducted a DNA test, the U.S. clinic Testing & Research said Ashley wasn’t Familia’s biological daughter.

Familia said in response, he and his wife Yessica Guerrero separated.

He added however that after seven years he again had his daughter tested, this time by the labs Amadita and Referencia, which contradicts the one by Testing & Research, proving in fact that he’s is the biological father.

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