Local September 4, 2013 | 9:43 am

The Vatican confirms firing in Dominican Republic pedophilia scandal

Vatican City (EFE). – The apostolic nuncio in the Dominican Republic, Josef Wesolowski, has been removed from office and there’s an ongoing investigation into allegations in his connection with several cases of alleged child abuse, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told Efe.

The confirmation comes just hours after senior bishop Agripino Nuñez Collado, head of the Catholic University (PUCCM) on Tuesday was the first senior official of the Dominican Church to cite the case.

“No one is above the law and anyone who commits a shameful crime must bear the consequences," the Dominican bishop said.

Journalist Nuria Piera, in a TV report resulting from a year-long investigation, alleges that Wesolowski paid for sex with minors in the Dominican Republic. "The fact is that we already had news that in the Colonial Zone (in the Dominican capital) they knew him very well, for going to look for minors.”

In addition to Wesolowski, the also Polish priest Alberto Gil Nojache allegedly abuse of minors in the town of Juncalito, Janico, Santiago, and took part in encounters with minors in the resort area of Juan Dolio, San Pedro.

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