Local September 5, 2013 | 9:36 am

Dominican journalist launches Website for immigrants in New York

New York. – This Website vecinosny.org was launched September 1 and aims to inform, orient and empower the Latino immigrants living in the Big Apple’s five boroughs.

Its founder Luis Fernandez Collado said the outlet’s goal is to make the intricate American society’s day-to-day living easier, through social networks. "It’s long been our concern, after several decades of journalistic experience in this great city, to create a medium to guide and defend immigrants, with or without residence."

The veteran Dominican journalist said New York State’s immigrant community has a caring, loyal and upright friend in Vecinos (neighbors) and an unwavering protector of their rights.

He said among the new website’s tasks of outreach figure informing readers of the dynamics shaping the U.S. immigration system, if the U.S. House of Representatives passes the legislation. "But not just that, we aim to disclose and draw the attention of the pertinent authorities to the scams to which immigrants are subjected by fraudsters who don’t respect the condition of poverty in which they live."

Ed.: Luis Fernandez Collado introduced DT’s chief editor to Web journalism

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