Local September 6, 2013 | 9:42 am

Dominicans can live to be 73, but older if bad habits are shed

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic is among the Latin American and Caribbean countries which made ??the most progress in cutting mortality and having prolonged life since 1970. The current life expectancy at birth is 73.7 years, compared to the region’s average of 72.94.

The report "The global burden of disease: generate evidence, policy guidance" conducted by the World Bank and the Institute for Health Measurement and Evaluation (IHME) says Habit’s mere 38 years make it the country with the shortest life expectancy, and the highest is Costa Rica, with 79.4.

The study cited by hoy.com.do also found that the country’s challenges in health are directly linked to the population’s habits: poor diet, high body mass index, smoking, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption and drug use.

Traffic accidents, occupational hazards and environmental and air pollution in homes also conspire against Dominicans.

The Dominicans also lose healthy years of life because of high blood pressure, diabetes, iron deficiency, high cholesterol, lead and below optimal breastfeeding levels.

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