Local September 11, 2013 | 7:57 am

Dominican Cardinal confirms reporting ousted envoy to the Vatican

Santo Domingo.- of Santo Domingo Archbishop cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez Tuesday night confirmed that it was he who informed the Vatican about the alleged wrongdoing by former envoy Jósef Wesolowski, accused of sexually molesting several minors.

"I gathered some information and reported directly to the Pope, it was only that, I spent three days in the Vatican," he said, and confirms reports in that regard.

He said he’s unaware of the ex nuncio’s whereabouts.

Lopez revealed having some confidential information, but no evidence on Wesolowski, who he affirms will be processed in a Vatican court which deals with child abuse cases.

The Cardinal also revealed that several priests are currently under investigation for alleged misconduct.

When asked if the recent allegations pointing to several priests might prompt some Catholic faithful might leave the church, the prelate said "those who want to leave, go, for this reason of course."

He said he agrees that perpetrators of shameful actions should be brought to justice. "If there’s clear evidence they should be caught. I’ve never defended what cannot be defended."

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