Local September 12, 2013 | 2:56 pm

The Vatican to cooperate in Dominican Republic pedophilia scandal

Santo Domingo.- Vatican press director Federico Lombardi on Monday affirmed that the measures taken by the Papacy regarding former nuncio in Dominican Republic Josef Wesolowski, don’t represent in any way an attempt to sidestep his responsibilities.

He said in August, the Holy See’s State Department communicated to Dominican Republic’s Ambassador its willingness to the cooperate with the Caribbean nation’s authorities when they so requested.

In a press conference, Lombardi said in July cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez had already reported to the Pope the allegations against the then nuncio in Dominican Republic.

As a result, the prelate said, the Vatican intervened in early August by recalling Wesolowski and stripping him of his post, to launch an investigation.

He confirmed that Wesolowski’s recall came after Lopez Rodriguez informed Pope Francis of the pedophilia accusations against the Vatican diplomat.

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