Local September 16, 2013 | 12:18 pm

Most Dominicans approve of the President’s job performance

Santo Domingo.- An overwhelming majority of Dominicans approve of president Danilo Medina’s job performance, upon reaching 13 months in office today Monday, EFE reports.

A Gallup poll published in outlet hoy.com.do says 86% of those polled nationwide agree with Medina’s policies, a figure which reaches 90.3% in the southern region, home to Medina.

The survey conducted from September 6 to 11 with 1,200 people found that the President inspires confidence in 73% of Dominicans, compared to 24% who say the have some confidence in Medina; 20% who admitted a little trust and 5.8% who said they haven’t any trust in the chief executive.

The Gallup poll found that for 80% of Dominicans, Medina’s administration is very different from that of his predecessor Leonel Fernández, also of the ruling PLD party.

But what citizens most like about Medina, according to the poll, is his work on education, which 90% say they agree with.

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