Local September 16, 2013 | 9:45 am

Official links journalist’s murder plot fear to convicted kingpin

Santo Domingo.- The Government’s Ethics Commission president on Monday linked the alleged death threats denounced by the journalist Fausto Rosario Adames to the case of drug kingpin Luis Horacio Cano in May, 1998, convicted of narcotics trafficking in a U.S. federal court.

Marino Vinicio Castillo said there’s concern that Rosario, who claims he and his son Vinico Castillo Seman plot to assassinate him, could be the target of drug traffickers, “which I, from my post, have to combat,” and mentioned Cano as a person who could be capable of such action.

Speaking on Hoy Mismo Channel 9, Castillo said Rosario’s accusations against he and his son have been countered with “reams of documents” filed before the organization which protects freedom of expression, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. “We have filed reams of documents in response to the allegations by Rosario, but what could be at play here are those whom I’ve had to confront from my post.”

When the case of Cano broke, the official called it "a process of colombianization,” but not a very serious threat. "The Colombians haven’t been able to detect what’s happening there, but here we can see the drug traffickers infiltrating the banking system, political parties and the media."

Castillo, standing next to U.S. officials in Santo Domingo in December 1999, announced the confiscation of three drug transport planes owned by Cano, who was then facing 57 counts of narcotics trafficking.

Legal adviser

On Sunday Executive Branch legal adviser Cesar Pina Toribio revealed that the Dominican Government made it known to the special UN official that the government protects freedom of the press, in reference to allegations by Rosario, editor in chief of Acento.com, but defended Castillo

"Castillo’s conduct has probably irritated such groups and sectors who might be interested in creating a public degradation by alleging false facts which don’t correspond with his public and personal career"

“There’s a climate of absolute freedom of the press in our country, headed by the Dominican Government."

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