Local September 17, 2013 | 9:39 am

Another judge orders release of Colombian ‘money laundering’ brothers

Santo Domingo.- The ping-pong case of the Colombian brothers charged with money laundering took yet another turm Monday, when National District Criminal Court judge Teófilo Andújar upheld a lower court’s ruling to release them.

Huber and Angel Buitrago’s lawyers asked the judge to declare the prosecution in contempt for failing to comply with another court’s similar ruling.

Andujar ordered a halt to the violation of the rights of the two Colombians and ordered Appellate Court prosecutor José Sepúlveda to pay a RD$10,000 fine for each day he fails to comply with the ruling.

Sepulveda had cautioned against the Buitrago’s release, claiming that they don’t have a valid identity.

The National District 2nd Criminal Chamber had revoked their pretrial detention by granting bail, but sustained a travel impediment.

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