Local September 23, 2013 | 4:35 pm

Authorities seize Colombian brothers’ upscale condos in Santiago

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry on Monday said it seized two luxury apartments in Santiago, allegedly owned by the brothers Huber and Angel Buitrago, charged with heading a money laundering network busted by the National investigations Dept. (DNI) in December.

Anti-money Laundering Unit deputy procurator Germán Miranda said one apartment has already been confiscated with a court order, and whose estimated value is more than RD$7.0 million each.

He said the person who figures on the apartments’ light and phone bills was notified by authorities.

Villalona said they know where the Buitragos had lived in Santiago, and are being held separately in prisons at La Vega and San Francisco. "At one time they lived in Santiago in another condo which we’re also going to investigate."

He said it’s strange that while the apartments are completely furnished and their service fee is up to date, nobody has lived there since January.

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