Local September 25, 2013 | 10:42 am

After report of ‘deadly’ country for motorists, traffic cops wage war

Santo Domingo.- Less than one week after world media cited a report calling Dominican Republic the world’s second deadliest country in traffic fatalities, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (Amet) announced issuing 7, 367 traffic tickets in the last few hours, especially for running the red light.

It said it towed 493 vehicles and 902 motorcycles to impound yards set up in the capital, Santo Domingo province, Santiago and other cities.

In a press conference Wednesday, Amet said 95 percent of the drivers were fine for moving violations and most of the vehicles were towed to the El Coco Greyhound Track, including some with official license plates.

Amet Roberto spokesman Lebron said 350 cars and 383 motorcycles driven without documents or helmets were taken to El Coco, and include summons for driving while talking in cell phones/

Agents, tow trucks trap cars parked illegally

On the seaside Malecon on Tuesday, motorists who parked their cars illegally were trapped by agents and police vehicles, as tow trucks lined up to haul them away.

The drivers’ requests for a break fell on the agents’ deaf ears, as Police pickup trucks halted their attempt to escape and had to watch helplessly as their vehicles were “hooked” and carted away.

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