Local September 27, 2013 | 11:19 am

As Earth reels from pollution, Dominican Utility touts coal-fired plants’ “benefits”

Santo Domingo.- The UN’s shocking report disclosed in Stockholm Friday affirms that for the first time, the world’s top climate scientists on Friday formally embraced an upper limit on greenhouse gases while warning that it is likely to be exceeded within decades if emissions continue at a brisk pace, and underscores the profound challenge humanity faces in bringing global warming under control.

In Dominican Republic however, despite the barrage of criticism against the decision by Dominican Republic’s State-owned Electric Utility (CDEEE) to forge ahead with two coal-fired plants today showed no signs of reluctance, despite agreeing to collaborate in dealing with the effects of climate change and to seek clean energy alternatives.

The Utility’s pact with the government agency responsible for dealing with climate change calls for both agencies to work to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and generate carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol and to develop sources of renewable energy.

Climate Change Council vice president Omar Ramírez said the agreement was reached on instructions from president Danilo Medina, “in the pursuit of environmentally friendly, fair and feasible solutions complying with international standards.”

Ramirez signed the agreement at CDEEE headquarters with Utility CEO Ruben Jimenez Bichara, who thanked the Climatic Change Council, but touted what in his view are the benefits of the coal-fired plants, a project “which will motorize the wellbeing and development of the wealth, the only ways to fight poverty.”

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