Local September 30, 2013 | 4:16 pm

The UN to mull court ruling on Dominican nationality

Santo Domingo.- UN resident coordinator Lorenzo Jiménez de Luis on Monday said the Constitutional Court ruling stating that the offspring born in the country of undocumented foreigners aren’t Dominican will be thoroughly reviewed, to determine whether it’s consistent with international treaties signed by the Dominican Republic.

He said after that analysis at UN headquarters in New York and Geneva, it will make a decision and recommend what it considers appropriate on the ruling.

"The United Nations system in Dominican Republic hasn’t set its position on the ruling, at the moment we are simply studying the coherence of that ruling with resolutions and international treaties signed by the Dominican Republic and how these cause and are consistent with the content of that sentence," the UN official said.

He said for the UN it’s of great concern that the immigrant population in the country which formerly had Dominican documents, could be left without any documentation for the reason.

Jimenez spoke after a meeting with Electoral Central Board president Roberto Rosario, along with the representatives of other entities of that agency, María de Jesús Conde, Sonia Vásquez and Gonzalo Vargas Llosa.

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