Local October 3, 2013 | 7:32 am

Colombian brothers back to jail in Dominican Republic’s most notorious case

San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic.- The San Cristobal court sent the Colombian brothers Huber and Angel Buitrago to three months of pretrial detention at Najayo Prison, charged with forgery and conspiracy.

The Colombians’ defense headed by lawyer Ramon Pina Acevedo called the hearing an injustice against its clients, and said they reserve the right to appeal the ruling.

The Buitragos, accused of heading an international drug trafficking and money laundering network, were recently issued bail of RD$3.0 million by two National District courts.

The case of the Colombian brothers has taken such notoriety, that onlookers packed the first floor of the San Cristobal courthouse, where yesterday’s hearing began 10am.

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