Local October 3, 2013 | 8:24 am

Court ruling on Dominican nationality scrambles Hispaniola governments

Port au Prince.- The Dominican Constitutional Court ruling which denies its nationality to offspring of undocumented foreigners living in the country, has promoted Haiti’s Foreign Ministry to convene Dominican ambassador Rubén Silié, EFE reports, quoting official sources.

Haitian agency HPN said Wednesday that Foreign Minister Pierre-Richard Casimir said he met with Silié to discuss the ruling which he affirms affects around 250,000 offspring of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic and around 35,000 of parents of various other nationalities.

The development comes in the heels of Port-au-Prince’s recall Tuesday of its Ambassador in Dominican Republic, Fritz Cineas, in relation to the same issue.

"We have convened the Dominican Ambassador to know Dominican Government’s official position on the extent of the Constitutional Court and to convey our concern," said Casimir, as quoted by HPN.

He said in addition to those decisions Haiti’s Government continues its "consultations with specialists in the Dominican Republic and meetings with the Presidency.”

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