Local October 9, 2013 | 10:17 am

Poland, Dominican officials meet over priests in pedophilia cases

Santo Domingo.- The officials from Poland who came to the country to discuss the case of Wojciech Gil, charged with sexually abusing several boys, asked Dominican authorities to cooperate in the investigation of the catholic priest.

After meeting with Justice minister Francisco Domínguez Wednesday morning, they said Poland seeks documents and collaboration in the probe, because there’s no extradition treaty between Dominican Republic and Poland.

They noted however that Polish law provides for prosecution in that nation, for any crime committed by a citizen in any country.

Domínguez met with Poland ambassador of in Colombia, Maciej Zietara, who also submitted a request for documents in the pedophilia cases against ousted Vatican envoy Joxef Wesolowski, in addition to Gil (Padre Alberto).

When asked about the course of the case in his native country, the polish diplomat affirmed that an investigation is being carried out is advancing. “We came to obtain the material in the probe from Dominican authorities.”

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