Local October 11, 2013 | 7:26 am

No amnesty for foreigners in Dominican soil, top official warns

Santo Domingo.- Immigration Agency director José Ricardo Taveras on Thursday said after the Constitutional Court ruled that offspring born in the country of illegal aliens aren’t eligible for a Dominican nationality, "an amnesty law is absolutely impossible," because it was always so, "and now with more reason.”

He affirmed that even Congress couldn’t tackle that type of legislation because it would violate the Constitution by a case which has acquired the authority of an “irrevocably concluded proceeding. “The truth is that we cannot put Congress to violate the Constitution."

Taveras called the uproar on the high Court ruling on nationality a media crisis and of academic views, and noted that a nationwide plan to regularize foreigners would heal, "a wound that we have to close."

The official said the government is determined to help those people because "no one is going to forsake them, this problem must be resolved as the law dictates it should be resolved."

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