Local October 16, 2013 | 10:10 am

Officials hope noise meters can wage war on din

Santo Domingo.- Interior and Police minister José Ramón Fadul on Tuesday delivered 15 decibel meters to Environment minister Bautista Rojas, to measure noise in clubs, colmados and bars, to ensure citizens’ peace and tranquility.

Fadul said noise from the music in those places which sell alcoholic beverages has become a major problem for neighborhoods, "which irritates the population and generates violence."

He said the first group meters is part of the National Public Safety Plan, "for the responsible use of music equipment and avoid acts of violence generated by the arguments caused by unnecessary noise."

Calling it "one of the most disturbing elements which irritate citizens," Rojas urged the population to raise awareness on noise control. “It’s a problem which stokes violence when a person comes from work and finds noises in their sector, in the grocery store, in the business next door."

"This is an instrument that will be used to avert the problems of noise, problems with disrespectful people, the bars, clubs and colmados."

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