Local October 18, 2013 | 1:10 pm

U.S. agents seek luxury cars stolen by alleged ring of Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- U.S. Customs and other federal agents search for luxury autos stolen by an alleged ring headed by two Dominicans arrested on Tuesday in New York, elnacional.com.do reports Friday, citing sources.

Among the vehicles sought nationwide figure Mercede- Benz and Cadillac, owned by American car rental companies, obtained by the suspect with forged documents.

As the gang’s alleged ringleaders authorities point to Dominicans Jason González and José López, and a third, the Puerto Rican identified as Félix Sánchez, the person they used located and rented the vehicles.

The suspects used credit cards from several American banks, IDs, driver licenses and other fake documents to rent vehicles, which they then sold in various states, Dominican Republic and other countries. "There are many U.S. and even Dominican companies in different parts of New York which rent all types of vehicles, mostly luxury cars, fooled by the gangsters."

They said U.S. federal agencies have contacted Dominican authorities and auto dealers, among others, informing them about the theft of vehicles.

González, López and Sánchez were arrested in Long Island on Tuesday, the outlet said, during raids that began 1pm, and concluded with their apprehension five hours later.

The report notes that U.S. authorities believe that many of the stolen vehicles end up in the Dominican Republic, and smuggled by intermediaries who alter Vehicle Identification numbers.

The group rented cars from one week up to a month, paying in dollars and then sold after being stolen.

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